Why Would You / Blood Sister

Why Would You / Blood Sister Why Would You / Blood Sister Why Would You / Blood Sister Why Would You / Blood Sister

After New York lo-fi champions Night Manager split, Ezana Edwards moved back to San Francisco and formed Blood Sister with members of the noise-rock group Ganglians. Bizarro guitar riffs fuzzed into oblivion with some 60′s garage influence and heavy reverb on the vocals. It’s equal parts catchy and abrasive. Basically this shit is the best. We're proud to present the second official vinyl release from Blood Sister and the first music-only release from Unpiano.

"Percussion barrels in like a ton of bricks in “Why Would You,” banging and rattling with a jarring tendency. Twisted guitars are bent and mangled by colorful and unsettling electronics, wetting everything with a thick buzz that sends a charging sense of urgency through the air. Hook-heavy bass lines rumble deep below and come with a grungy 90s vibe as boy-girl vocals howl through the neon-lit affair. B-side “Bart Simpson” again comes with a colorful punch, built with melodic vocals and explosive percussion that’s abrasive and industrialized. Fibrous strings of guitar soar through the track along with cooing voices, melding together into a vivid beam of energy resulting in their vicious blend of industrialized lysergic pop with a touch of warped electronics."   - Zac Camagna, The Styrofoam Drone 2015

"...Three minutes of shoegaze-inflicted Cali-punk home recorded on old software, full of distortion-soaked guitars and drawing more influence from Edwards' past band than Grubbs and Hoover's current one [Ganglians]."   - Liz Pelly, Pitchfork 2014

Side A: Why Would You

7" 40g Black Vinyl
Full Color Jacket
Limited to 300 copies

$ 5.00

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