Punks Git Cut / Jay Howell

Punks Git Cut / Jay Howell Punks Git Cut / Jay Howell Punks Git Cut / Jay Howell Punks Git Cut / Jay Howell
Punks Git Cut / Jay Howell Punks Git Cut / Jay Howell Punks Git Cut / Jay Howell

Jay Howell is the Executive Producer, Co-creator and Art Director of the Nickelodeon cartoon Sanjay and Craig and created the characters for Bob's Burgers. Jay spent many years living and working in San Francisco before making the move to Los Angeles to work on Sanjay and Craig, and has been producing great drawings and zines for over a decade. Jay has created artwork and animation for Vans, Burton Snowboards, Anti-Hero Skateboards, Creature Skateboards, various clothing companies and lots more.

Jay has released countless versions of his zine Punks Git Cut over the years and this version, released alongside a limited edition t-shirt, marks its first official printing. 

"Artist Jay Howell has been a strong presence in the Bay Area for the past few years, sharpening his cartoon-style drawings of skinny guys with erections, naked chicks on skateboards, dogs, beer, rockers, and endless good times. His art manages to be whimsical and crude at the same time, but above all damn right funny. His zine Punks Git Cut, and animated series called "The Forest City Rockers,” have deservingly earned him a devoted following. While “Forest City Rockers” seemed like the apex in punk rock cartoons, he’s taken things even further by developing the characters for Fox’s latest Sunday night animated sitcom, "Bob’s Burgers.” Produced by Loren Bouchard, best known for creating Comedy Central's "Dr. Katz Professional Therapist" and Adult Swim’s "Home Movies," "Bob’s Burgers" is about a family that runs a fumbling burger joint. Howell’s style and humor are a perfect match for the team, earning him a well deserved place alongside animation greats."    - Justine Sharrock, 2011 

36 pages, Saddle-Stichted
Black & White Offset Printing
5.4" x 8.5", 1 Color Bond Cover
Limited Edition of 500

$ 5.00

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